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Material Specific Exchange-Correlation Kernel for WDM

Moldabekov, Z.


We developed a new method that allows one to compute material specific static exchange-correlation kernel across temperature regimes using standard DFT codes and for any XC functional available in Libxc [1]. In this presentation we show the results of the static exchange-correlation kernel analysis from computations using various XC functionals for dense electron gas and warm dense hydrogen. By comparing the data to the exact QMC results, we are able to understand the effect of thermal excitations and density inhomogeneity on the exchange-correlation kernel. Moreover, we discuss the results of the analysis of the accuracy of the commonly used exchange-correlation (XC) functionals for warm dense matter simulations [2-4]. The analysis is performed by comparing highly accurate path-integral quantum Monte-Carlo (QMC) data with KS-DFT results. Finally, a new methodology for the investigation of the non-linear static density response of WDM based on the KS-DFT method is presented [5].

[1] Zhandos A. Moldabekov, Maximilian Böhme, Jan Vorberger, David Blaschke, Tobias Dornheim, arXiv:2209.00928 (2022).
[2] Z. Moldabekov, T.Dornheim, M. Böhme, J. Vorberger, A. Cangi, The Journal of Chemical Physics 155, 124116 (2021).
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[5] Z.Moldabekov, J. Vorberger, T. Dornheim, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 18, 2900–2912 (2022).

Keywords: warm dense matter; hybrid functionals; KS-DFT; exchange-correlation kernel

  • Lecture (Conference)
    10 th Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary and Plasma Physics (10HP4), 28.-29.09.2022, Brussels, Belgium


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