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Experimental results of Trojan horse injection in a hybrid LPWFA

Ufer, P.; Nutter, A.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Corde, S.; Couperus Cabadağ, J. P.; Debus, A.; Döpp, A.; Heinemann, T.; Hidding, B.; Gilljohann, M.; Karsch, S.; Köhler, A.; Kononenko, O.; Pausch, R.; Schöbel, S.; Martinez De La Ossa, A.; Schramm, U.; Irman, A.


A hybrid (LPWFA) plasma accelerator combines the two schemes of plasma acceleration, using a laser (LWFA) and an electron beam (PWFA) to drive the plasma wave, with the goal to combine the advantages of both methods. This concept allows studies of PWFA-physics in compact setups as well as generating high-quality electron beams to fulfill the demands of secondary light sources like FELs. We present experimental results from hybrid plasma accelerators using plasma cathode injection also known as Trojan horse injection. A short-pulsed laser is used as the injector in the second stage of the accelerator propagating perpendicular to the electron beam. When timed such, that injector laser and the first cavity of the wakefield overlap, the creation of low-energy-spread witness beams have been observed.

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  • Draco
  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    DPG-Frühjahrstagung Mainz, 28.03.-01.04.2022, Mainz, Deutschland


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