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Spectroscopy of XFEL heated Cu and x-ray absorption in laser-produced Warm Dense Cu

Smid, M.


We report on a recent (Feb 2022) experiment on the spectroscopic characterization of XFEL-heated Cu foil targets. The 1-5μm thick Cu foils were irradiated by the tightly focused XFEL beam (~1μm focus, up till 1mJ in energy, European XFEL), heating the target to more then 100 eV, and clearly observing emission from ions up till Cu 25+. Three crystal spectrometers were measuring the emission and scattering in the range ~ 8000 - 9800 eV, i.e. covering the lines of Cu Kα and Kβ, including their ionized satellites. The XFEL photon energy was varied in the range 8.8-9.8 keV. The primary aim is to resolve the continuum lowering by checking the shifts of K edge for various ionizations, in a similar manner as was done earlier on lighter elements. Apart from this, many interesting phenomena can be studied from this extensive dataset, like the double-core hole (hollow ion) emission and its shift, resnonances, XRTS, and even Xanes absorption, by comparing the emission from the front and rear sides of the target. Having those data available in a well characterized system provides a high demand as well as benchmark for precise atomic simulations, and in general leads to a better understanding of Warm Dense Copper on the atomic physics level.

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  • Draco
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter, 14.-18.11.2022, Santa Fe, United States of America


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