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Traveling-wave electron accelerators -- Getting PIConGPU simulations ready for exascale

Debus, A.; Chandrasekaran, S.; Steiniger, K.; Widera, R.; Bastrakov, S.; Meyer, F.; Pausch, R.; Garten, M.; Kluge, T.; Kelling, J.; Hernandez Arreguin, B.; Leinhauser, M.; Young, J.; Pöschel, F.; Hübl, A.; Rogers, D.; Juckeland, G.; Bussmann, M.


Traveling-wave electron acceleration (TWEAC) is an advanced laser-plasma accelerators scheme, which is neither limited by dephasing, nor by pump depletion or diffraction. Such accelerators are scalable to energies beyond 10 GeV without the need for staging and are candidates for future compact electron-positron colliders.

TWEAC simulations to high energies require exascale compute resources. Within the early-access program (CAAR) for the upcoming exascale Frontier cluster at ORNL, we prepare PIConGPU, a 3D3V particle-in-cell code, for large-scale TWEAC simulations, including tuning and refining PIConGPU to run on the latest AMD GPUs. In this talk we present progress in TWEAC simulations and the technical advances in PIConGPU that enable running on Frontier.

Keywords: Traveling-wave electron acceleration; TWEAC; exascale; Laser-plasma accelerator; PIConGPU; particle-in-cell code

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    Virtuelle DPG-Frühjahrstagung in "Mainz" 2022, 28.03.-01.04.2022, Mainz, Deutschland