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Helmholtz AI: Diversity in Teaching Machine Learning supports democratising AI

Cea, D.; Hoffmann, H.; Weiel, M.; Steinbach, P.; Kesselheim, S.


“Democratising AI” – that is the motto for the Helmholtz AI consultants. With our scientific consulting, we enable Helmholtz researchers from all domains to leverage AI for their datasets by providing comprehensive support with AI methods, tools, and software engineering. And this does not only apply to scientists working on their own research projects. We also offer courses, workshops, lectures, and challenges on various AI-related topics. On our poster, you can find an overview of past teaching experiences from the different consultant teams. These include an in-depth introductory course to deep learning using the flipped classroom approach, advanced courses on AutoML and explainable AI with multiple hands-on sessions, data challenges introducing the learners to domain adaptation tasks and making them experiment and search for personal solutions to complex and current problems, and crash courses on AI for a broader and less technical audience.
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Keywords: machine learning; community; learning; diversity; inclusion

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