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Cyclotron-based Production of 67Cu for Radionuclide Theranostics Via the 70Zn(p,α)67Cu Reaction

Brühlmann, S. A.; Walther, M.; Kreller, M.; Reissig, F.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Knieß, T.; Kopka, K.


Theranostic matched pairs of radionuclides have aroused interest during the last couple of years and in that sense copper is one element that has a lot to offer. While 61Cu and 64Cu are slowly being established as nuclides for diagnostic with PET, the availability of the therapeutic counterpart 67Cu plays a key role for further radiopharmaceutical development in the future. Up to date, the 67Cu shortage has not been solved, however, different production routes are being explored. This project aims at the production of no carrier added 67Cu with high radionuclidic purity with a medical 30 MeV compact cyclotron via the 70Zn(p,α)67Cu reaction.


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