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Data to the paper "Transport properties of Fe60Al40 during the B2 to A2 structural phase transition"

Sorokin, S.; Anwar, M. S.; Hlawacek, G.; Boucher, R.; Salgado Cabaco, J.; Potzger, K.; Lindner, J.; Faßbender, J.; Bali, R.

Archive contatins all the data acquired with the respect to the paper mentioned in the title.

It is split in three folders by data type:

"Fabrication" folder contains all of the details related to the deposition, fabrication and testing of FeAl hall bars.

"Measurements" folder contains all experimental results. They are grouped by type (as subfolders) and then again by sample codes. Typically structure of the measurement subfolders are the following:

  • "Raw_data" - contains data in a form as it was acquired from the machine or very close to that.
  • "Cleaned_data" - contains processed raw_data according to the need for the specific plot. For example removal of extra columns, normalizations, unit conversions, fittings etc. Specific operations performed depend on the measurement type and described in "" files.
  • "Plotting" - contatins Veusz (Free and Open source plotting software, project files linked to the "Cleaned_data". Beware that moving the data on disk relative to the Veusz project file would destroy the links and the data files will have to be relinked. In order to avoid this created a copy of Veusz project and unlink all the datasets. This will embed the data within a project file and will make it independent from "Cleaned_data" file

"Modeling"  contains results of auxilary calculations and numerical modeling.

Keywords: magnetism; transport; ion beam modification; FeAl; phase transitions; magnetic clusters

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