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Group IV Nanowires for Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors

Khan, M. M.; Steuer, O.; Prucnal, S.; Georgiev, Y.


CMOS scaling is reaching physical limits in near future. Therefore, new approaches are required to continue achieving high speed and high performance devices. Replacing silicon with silicon-germanium alloy as a channel material having higher mobility contributes to faster and energy-efficient devices. In this work, we are investigating the transistor properties built from silicon germanium based nanowire channel. Schottky Barrier Field Effect Transistors are fabricated, which also have an additional functionality of re-configurability. This means that a single device can be operated as an N or P channel just by controlling the electric potential applied at the gate terminals. The devices are fabricated by top-down approach with nickel metal pads on both sides of the silicon-germanium nanowire. To form schottky junctions, flash lamp annealing is performed to diffuse metal into the nanowires. The schottky junctions formed at the interface between nickel-germano-silicide and nanowire are electrically controlled to operate the device. Transfer characteristics of these devices are measured to investigate the transistor properties.

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    NANONET+ Workshop, 04.-06.10.2022, Görlitz, Germany


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