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Nonlinear and higher order terms in warm dense matter

Vorberger, J.


Higher order correlations influence the physics of the system on many levels. They may be summarized by local field corrections or appear explicitly as non-linear contributions in the density response or in other properties like the stopping power. We present the latest results for nonlinear properties of the electron gas as they have been obtained using real time Green's functions, path integral Monte Carlo, and density functional theory. We show how nonlinear properties can be extracted from simulations with and without external perturbations.

Keywords: warm dense matter; nonlinear response; higher order correlation functions; higher harmonics; x-ray scattering

  • Lecture (Conference)
    43 rd International Workshop on High Energy Density Physics with Intense Ion and Laser Beams, 30.01.-03.02.2023, Hirschegg, Österreich


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