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Three-dimensional dynamics of a single bubble rising near a vertical wall: paths and wakes

Yan, H.-J.; Zhang, H.-Y.; Zhang, H.-M.; Liao, Y.; Liu, L.


In order to clarify the migration mechanism and wake behavior of a single bubble rising near a vertical wall, three-dimensional direct numerical simulations are implemented based on the open-source software Basilisk and various types of migration paths like linear, zigzag and spiral are investigated. The volume of fluid (VOF) method is used to capture the bubble interface at a small scale, while the gas-liquid interface and high-velocity-gradient regions in the flow field are encrypted with the adaptive mesh refinement technology. The results show that the vertical wall has an obstructive effect on the diffusion of the vortex boundary layer on the surface of the bubble migrating in a straight line, and the resulting reaction force tends to push the bubbles away from the wall surface. For the zigzag or spiral movement of a bubble in the x-y plane, the perpendicular wall is an unstable factor, but on the contrary, the motion in
the z-y plane is stabilized.

Keywords: Bubble; Wall effect; Trajectory; Wake structure; VOF; Basilisk


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