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Event generation in Julia and the path to GPUs

Hernandez Acosta, U.; Steiniger, K.; Reinhard, A.; Jungnickel, T.; Ehrig, S.; Bussmann, M.


The inventors of the Julia programming language proclaim, that one can use high-level syntax to solve demanding numerical tasks. In order to evaluate this claim, we present possible applications of Julia by using it for the implementation of our Monte-Carlo event generator for laser-matter interaction. Especially the possible deployment of modern GPUs for demanding computing tasks during several stages of the event generation is discussed. In order to elaborate on these GPU capabilities, we show benchmarks of Julia's main programming interface for NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, namely `CUDA.jl`, and compare them with native CUDA-C++ implementations. Finally, Julia's capabilities for high-level abstraction for computations on heterogenous architectures are discussed and compared to low-level solutions like the `alpaka` library for C++.

Keywords: Julia programming language

  • Invited lecture (Conferences) (Online presentation)
    Compute Accelerator Forum, 08.03.2023, Geneva, Switzerland


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