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New Cross Section Data for Radiative Proton Capture on Carbon for Nuclear Astrophysics at LUNA

Boeltzig, A.; Skowronski, J.


The observable ratio of 12C/13C can be used as a probe for stellar nucleosynthesis as well as for mixing processes during hydrogen burning, provided that the reaction rates of 12C(p,γ)13N and 13C(p,γ)14N are known. To obtain direct cross section measurements at low energies, which are required to better constrain these rates in astrophysical scenarios, both reactions were studied in a series of experiments at the LUNA-400 accelerator. Different targets and complementary detector setups were employed for a systematic study, and the sensitivity afforded by the low-background underground environment allowed for precise measurements at lower energies than previously available. We will present these experiments and their results for both reactions.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    DPG-Frühjahrstagung, 20.-24.03.2023, Dresden, Deutschland


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