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Direct magnetic manipulation of a permalloy nanostructure by a focused cobalt ion beam

Pablo-Navarro, J.; Klingner, N.; Hlawacek, G.; Kakay, A.; Bischoff, L.; Narkovic, R.; Mazarov, P.; Hübner, R.; Meyer, F.; Pilz, W.; Lindner, J.; Lenz, K.


We present results of direct maskless magnetic patterning of ferromagnetic nanostructures using a cobalt focused ion beam (FIB) system. The liquid metal ion source of the FIB was made of a Co36Nd64 alloy. A Wien mass filter allows for selecting the ion species. Using the FIB, we implanted narrow tracks of Co ions into a nominal 5000×1000×50 nm3 permalloy strip. We observed the Co-induced changes of the magnetic properties by measuring the sample with microresonator ferromagnetic resonance before and after the implantation. Regions as small as 50 nm can be implanted up to concentrations of at.-10 % near the surface. This allows for easy magnetic modification of edge-localized spin waves with a lateral resolution otherwise hard to reach. The direct-write maskless FIB process is quick and convenient for optical measurement techniques, as it does not involve the virtually impossible removal of ion-hardened resist masks one would face when using lithography with broad-beam ion implantation

Keywords: Ferromagnetic resonance; nanostructures; ferromagnetism; focused ion beams; spin-wave dynamics

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  • Secondary publication expected from 26.10.2024