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Data publication: Validation experiments for gamma-ray densitometry uncertainty prediction algorithm in gas flow modulation

Marchini, S.; Bieberle, A.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.


The gas flow modulation technique is a recently proposed approach for measuring the axial gas dispersion coefficient in bubble columns. The approach uses a marginal sinusoidal distrubance on the gas inlet flow and relates the propagation of such disturbance in the column's axial direction to the axial gas dispersion coefficient. The approach requires to measure sinusoidally changing gas holdup in time with high accuracy. The presented data set was used to experimentally validate a newly developed simualtion algorithm for predicting the effect of various uncertainty sources on the measured holdup wave. The algorithm is able to predict the uncertianty related to the applycation of gamma-ray densitometry and of the data ensable-averaging approach. Experiments were preformed using an elliptical rotating disc able to mimik a controlled "material holdup wave", similar to the gas holdup wave measured in gas flow modulation.

Keywords: Gas flow modulation technique; axial dispersion coefficient; gamma-ray densitometry; uncertainty analysis

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