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Supporting microscope images: The Impact of Al2O3 Particles from Grit-Blasted Ti6Al7Nb (Alloy) Implant Surfaces on Biocompatibility, Aseptic Loosening, and Infection

Kocjančič, B.; Avsec, K.; Šetina Batič, B.; Feizpour, D.; Godec, M.; Kralj Iglič, V.; Podlipec, R.; Cor, A.; Debeljak, M.; Grant T., J.; Jenko, M.; Dolinar, D.


Supporting confocal fluorescence microscope images of live cells grown on different implant surfaces

Keywords: Ti6Al7Nb implant alloy cementless hip endoprostheses; roughness; Al2O3 grit blasting; surface and subsurface implant contamination; cytotoxicity; aseptic loosening; infection; osteointegration

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