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Floquet analysis of a superradiant many-qutrit refrigerator

Kolisnyk, D.; Queißer, F.; Schaller, G.; Schützhold, R.


We investigate superradiant enhancements in the refrigeration performance in a set of N three-level systems that are collectively coupled to a hot and a cold thermal reservoir and are additionally subject to collective periodic (circular) driving. Assuming the system-reservoir coupling to be weak, we explore the regime of stronger periodic driving strengths by comparing collective weak-driving, Floquet-Lindblad, and Floquet-Redfield master equations. We identify regimes where the power injected by the periodic driving is used to pump heat from the cold to the hot reservoir and derive analytic sufficient conditions for them based on a cycle analysis of the Floquet-Lindblad master equation. In those regimes, we also argue for which parameters collective enhancements like a quadratic scaling of the cooling current with N can be expected and support our arguments by numerical simulations.

Keywords: Floquet theory; periodic driving; refrigeration; superradiance; cooling condition; collective effects



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