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Magneto-structural phase transitions for direct magnetic patterning

Bali, R.; Potzger, K.; Lindner, J.; Faßbender, J.


The use of focused ion beams for sensitively controlling the intrinsic magnetic as well as transport properties at the nanoscale requires materials, wherein small atomic displacements results in large property changes. Typical examples are binary alloys consisting of a 3d metal such as Fe and elements such as Al [1], Rh [2] and most recently, V [3]. These materials act as non-ferromagnetic templates onto which atomic reordering within confined regions can be used to realize the direct writing of ferromagnetism. These alloys are deployed as prototypes for exploring nanoscale ion-induced property modulation.

The type of phase transition may vary, for instance, a transition in the chemical order of Fe60Al40 in contrast with the emergence of a crystalline lattice from a short-range ordered structure in Fe60V40. Due to chemical disordering, the localized ferromagnetic in the former alloy imparts spin scattering that can be observed in the anomalous Hall effect, whereas in the latter, the lattice reordering propagates in a layer like fashion providing homogenous ferromagnetic layers. The phase transition characteristics influence their potential applications, such as in ferromagnetic resonance and transport.

Observations of the evolving nearest-neighbour environment of atoms as a function of the atomic displacements helps unravel some of the microscopic processes leading to the large intrinsic property changes. This current research is being performed with the help of large-scale facilities, such as the Ion-Beam-Centre as well as the ELBE at HZDR.


1. S. Sorokin et al., New J. Phys. (2023).
2. W. Griggs et al., APL Materials (2020) 8, 121103.
3. Md. S. Anwar et al., ACS Appl. Elec. Mater. (2022) 4, 8, 3860.

Keywords: ion irradiation; magnetism; magnetic patterning; structural phase transition

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