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Virial coefficients of the Uniform Electron Gas from Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations

Röpke, G.; Dornheim, T.; Vorberger, J.; Blaschke, D.; Mahato, B.


The properties of plasmas in the low-density limit are described by virial expansions. Analytical expressions are known from Green's function approaches only for the first three virial coefficients. Accurate path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) simulations have recently been performed for the uniform electron gas, allowing the virial expansions to be analyzed and interpolation formulas to be derived. The exact expression for the second virial coefficient is used to test the accuracy of the PIMC simulations and the range of validity of the interpolation formula of Groth {\it et al.}~[Phys.~Rev.~Lett.~\textbf{119}, 135001 (2017)]. We discuss the fourth virial coefficient, which is of interest, e.g., for properties of solar plasmas, but has not yet been precisely known. Combining PIMC simulations with benchmarks from exact results of the virial expansion would allow us to obtain precise results for the equation of state (EoS) in a wide range of parameters.