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Jupyter notebooks to calculate the electric field and properties of focusing (Gaussian) laser pulses

Steiniger, K.


These are the Jupyter notebooks which are used to compute the figures in K. Steiniger et al., "Distortions in focusing laser pulses due to spatio-temporal couplings - An analytic description".

They can be used to:

(1) Numerically calculate the electric field of laser pulses in time-space domain which are defined in frequency-space domain,

(2) Analytically calculate the properties and dispersion parameters of Gaussian laser pulses in time-space domain in the course of propagation through their focus,

(3) Compute the values of laser dispersion parameters in the focus of an off-axis parabolic mirror from the dispersion parameters before focusing at the mirror.

Keywords: laser pulse propagation; pulse-front tilt; laser dispersion; high-power laser; ultrafast optics

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