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Anatomy of localized edge modes in laterally coupled waveguides

Iurchuk, V.; Stienen, S.; Lindner, J.; Kakay, A.


We present a systematic micromagnetic study of standing spin-wave modes in infinitely long Permalloy strips with rectangular cross-section. Using a finite-element dynamic-matrix method, we first calculate the eigenfrequencies and the corresponding eigenvectors (mode profiles), as a function of the in-plane magnetic field applied across the strip. The ferromagnetic resonance spectra is computed from the mode profiles, assuming a homogeneous radio-frequency excitation, equivalently to an experimental ferromagnetic resonance measurement. The investigation of the field-dependent mode profiles enables for the classification of the observed resonances, here focusing mostly on the \textit{true edge mode} localized at the vicinity of strip edges. Furthermore, we study the mode localization in pairs of 50-nm-thick Permalloy strips as a function of the strip width and their lateral separation. For closely spaced strips, the spatial profile of the quasi-uniform mode is substantially modified due to a significant hybridization with the edge-localized standing spin-wave modes of the neighbouring strip. We show that a wide-range-tunability of the localized edge-mode resonances can be achieved with a precise control of the magnetostatic coupling between the strips. Extreme sensitivity of the edge mode frequency on the bias field demonstrates a potential of the edge resonances for field sensing. Furthermore, for narrow strips ($\approx$100~nm in width), due to the reduced number of the allowed confined modes, a field-controllable switching between the resonances localized either in the strip center or at the edges of the strips can be achieved.

Keywords: Spin waves; Edge modes; Ferromagnetic resonance; Micromagnetic modeling; Magnetostatic coupling