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A comparative compositional study of Egyptian glass from Amarna with regard to cobalt sources and other colourants

Hodgkinson, A. K.; Lemasson, Q.; Mäder, M.; Munnik, F.; Pichon, L.; Röhrs, S.; Reiche, I.


A selection of Late Bronze Age glass objects from the site of Amarna (Egypt) was analysed for their overall chemical composition, colourants and transition metals associated with the sources of cobalt ore. The objects were analysed by means of Particle Induced X-Ray and Gamma-ray Emission and Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry at the IBC, HZDR, Dresden and the New AGLAE facility, C2RMF, Paris. The data was subsequently compared with further measurements obtained by portable X-Ray Fluorescence (and by Laser-Ablation Inductively-Coupled-Plasma Mass-Spectrometry) in order to sound the potential of these non-destructive methods to obtain new insights into the production process of glass from Amarna and its provenancing.

Keywords: Glass; Amarna; Egypt; PIXE; PIGE; RBS; microPIXE-imaging; Trace elements; Cobalt sources; Colourants

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