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HZDR Software Policy

Konrad, U.; Bieberle, A.; Bussmann, M.; Grzeganek, M.; Hüser, C.; Huste, T.; Juckeland, G.; Kaever, P.; Moravcikova, M.; Schlegel, F.; Wagner, N.; Wolf, B.


Software is a central component of academic research and the scientific infrastructure and is devel-oped and used in all HZDR institutes. In this regulation, software refers to all forms of program code (e.g. source code together with associated documentation) and executable programs generated from it, which are developed, made available and passed on within the scope of activities at the HZDR. The development of software is an integral part of modern publication contexts consisting of written publica-tions, data sets and software. 

The policy covers the software life cycle, from software development and documentation to the transfer and maintenance of the software. The regulation is intended to support the establishment of modern software engineering methods at the HZDR, which enable high standards in software de-velopment, software quality and management. This professionalization will achieve greater sustain-ability and promote good scientific practice in terms of the verifiability and reproducibility of research results.

Keywords: Research Software Engineering; Software Development; Software Policy; HIFIS; Helmholtz