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Recent extensions to the NUSAR-RCS IT environment

Lehnigk, R.; Hänsch, S.; Schlegel, F.; Lucas, D.


Due to the growing importance of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for reactor safety research, there have been activities aimed at qualifying the associated methods for many years. This entails the development and validation of models on the basis of detailed experimental data, generated in comprehensive projects. There was and is a need for development, among other things, for multiphase flows, in particular for accident scenarios in the reactor coolant system. In order to be able to use the model developments and validation data generated throughout various publicly funded projects in the long term, these are carried out using the software provided by the OpenFOAM Foundation, which is thereby qualified for application. The project presented here is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (project number 1501658) and has the objective of gathering and maintaining addon software and simulation setups from partner institutions in a common repository, referred to as "Nuclear Safety Repository for OpenFOAM Foundation Software for Reactor Cooling System (NUSAR-RCS)". To this end, a GitLab-based IT environment has been developed that fosters collaborative developments and facilitates the maintenance of results from completed projects. The talk will highlight some recent additions to the environment. The first part is dedicated to a Python package, which, among other things, supplies functionality for bulk processing of simulation results, e.g. to extract global information on the agreement between simulation and experiment using statistical key figures. The second part will present efforts of making the NUSAR-RCS software more portable by means of containerization using Apptainer images.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    35th German CFD Network of Competence Meeting, 12.-13.03.2024, München, Deutschland