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Understanding the collective out-of-plane magnetization reversal in tilted stripe domain systems via a single point of irreversibility

Heinig, P.; Salikhov, R.; Samad, F.; Fallarino, L.; Patel, G. I.; Kakay, A.; Kiselev, N. S.; Hellwig, O.


Perpendicular anisotropy thin film systems are well known for their periodic magnetic stripe domain structures. In this study, we focus on investigating the behavior of [Co(3.0 nm)/Pt(0.6 nm)]\textsubscript{$X$} multilayers within the transitional regime from preferred in-plane (IP) to out-of-plane (OOP) magnetization orientation, particularly, we examine the sample with $X=11$ repetitions, which exhibits a remanent state characterized by a significant presence of both OOP and IP magnetization components, here referred to as the "tilted" stripe domain state*. Using vibrating sample magnetometry, magnetic force microscopy and micromagnetic simulations we investigate this specific sample and find an unusual OOP field reversal behavior via a remanent parallel stripe domain state and a single point of irreversibility. While the reversal via distinct points of irreversibility is qualitatively similar to that of a nano-sized Stoner Wohlfarth particle or a vortex reversal in a micron-sized IP magnetized disk, our system is macroscopic. Finally, we show that this characteristic behavior is a rather general feature of transitional IP to OOP systems. \newline *[L. Fallarino et al., Phys. Rev. B 99, 024431 (2019)]

Keywords: tilted magnetization; single point of irreversibility; Co/Pt multilayer

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