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Study of (n,α) reactions of interest for nuclear reactors: the case of 19F(n,α)16N with SCALP detector

Chevalier, A.; Lecolley, F.-R.; Lehaut, G.; Lecouey, J.-L.; Marie, N.; Manduci, L.; Ledoux, X.; Beyer, R.; Junghans, A.; Bouland, O.; Serot, O.


The 19F(n,α)16N cross section is of great interest for the development of the next generation IV reactors that could potentially use molten fluoride salts. Significant differences (up to a factor of 3) have been observed for this nucleus regarding the (n,α) channel. In view of improving our knowledge on this (n,α) reactions, the GrACE group (Groupe Aval du Cycle Electronucleaire) of the LPC Caen has developed a new detector named SCALP (Scintillating ionization Chamber for ALPha particle detection in neutron induced reactions). This paper deals with the first experiment carried out with this brand new detector at the new NFS facility (GANIL, Caen, France). After discussing the needs for new measurments of the 19F(n,α)16N reaction, the operating procedure of the SCALP detector will be presented, as well as the experiments that have been conducted using it. Furthermore, insights into the data acquired during our experiment, as well as the ongoing data processing and associated multi-channel analysis, will be provided.

Keywords: nELBE; (n,a); 19F(n,a)16N; Generation IV reactor; SCALP; NFS

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