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Investigation into the metabolic stability of 18F-labeled PSMA inhibitor derivatives bearing aryl-fluorosulfates for PET tracer development applications

Luque Consuegra, G.; Craig, A.; Kogler, J.; Ullrich, M.; Donat, C.; Kopka, K.; Stadlbauer, S.


This poster highlights the use of the sulfur [18F]fluoride exchange approach to radiolabel a PSMA inhibitor ([18F]2) and test its radiolabeling, in vitro and in vivo properties.

  • [18F]2 shows good binding kinetics compared to known radiotracers (1 nM) but ~20%
defluorination occurs in human serum after 120 min.
  • [18F]2 binds to LNCaP xenograft sections in a similar pattern as [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11.
  • PET imaging experiments show defluorination but also accumulation in LNCaP tumor
xenografts (SUVmax = 4.4).
  • Further work: Radiosynthesis of [18F]4 starting from precursor 3 (in poster)

Keywords: sulfur [18F]fluoride exchange approach; Radiolabeling; PET; PSMA; Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Open Access Logo Poster
    21st European Symposium on Radiopharmacy & Radiopharmaceuticals, 18.-21.04.2024, Coimbra, Portugal



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