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Data publication: Revealing the 3D structure of microbunched plasma-wakefield-accelerated electron beams

La Berge, M.; Bowers, B.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Couperus Cabadag, J.; Debus, A.; Hannasch, A.; Pausch, R.; Schöbel, S.; Tiebel, J.; Ufer, P.; Willmann, A.; Zarini, O.; Zgadzaj, R.; Lumpkin, A.; Schramm, U.; Irman, A.; Downer, M.


This repository contains data on coherent optical transition radiation (COTR) from laser wakefield accelerated electron beams. This includes raw (COTR) images and electron spectra, as well as analysis code for evaluating the COTR data and using it as an input for a differential-evolution-based reconstruction of the electron bunch.

Keywords: Laser wakefield acceleration; Laser plasma acceleration; Transition radiation; Differential evolution; Coherent transition radiation; Coherent optical transition radiation; Microbunching

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