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Midrapidity Source of Intermediate-Mass Fragments in Highly Central Collisions of Au+Au at 150 AMeV

Alard, C. P. E. A.; Kotte, R.; Mösner, J.; Neubert, W.; Wohlfarth, D.


Charged particles have been observed in collisions of Au+Au at an incident energy of 150 AMeV using a high-granularity detector system covering approximately the forward hemisphere in the center-of-mass system. Highly central collisions have been studied using a double selection criterion which combines large charged-particle multiplicities with small transverse-momentum directivities. In this class of events about one-quarter of the total nuclear charge emerges as intermediate-mass fragments with nuclear chages Z>2. These fragments are centered at midrapidity and are produced with large transverse velocities.

Keywords: PACS numbers: 25.70.Pq

  • Physical Review Letters 69 (1992) 889


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