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The Saturation Regime of the Riga Dynamo Experiment: Observational Facts and their Interpretation

Gailitis, A.; Lielausis, O.; Platacis, E.; Gerbeth, G.; Stefani, F.


In the Riga dynamo experiment, a helical flow with a velocity up to 15 m/s is produced by a motor driven propeller. This flow is free enough to be modified by the Lorentz forces in a non-trivial manner.
In addition to the increase of the necessary motor power due to the axial components of the Lorentz force, we observed a significant deformation of the magnetic field structure and a shift of the eigenvalue. Both observations can be explained by the downward accumulating brake effect of the azimuthal Lorentz force component.
The occurence of a triple frequency in the magnetic field spectrum gives indications for the action of the non-axisymmetric parts of the Lorentz forces on the flow.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    4. MHD-Tage, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 01-02 Oktober 2001


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