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Memory properties of Si+ implanted gate oxides: From MOS capacitors to nvSRAM

von Borany, J.; Gebel, T.; Stegemann, K.-H.; Thees, H.-J.; Wittmaack, M.


Charge storage properties of 20-30 nm gate oxides implanted with Si+ ions are investigated using MOS capacitors, single transistor structures and a non-volatile memory. The observed programming window can reach several volts for programming with electric fields of about 4-7 MV/cm. The structures exhibit good retention (250°C, 280h) and the endurance (>106 w/e-cycles) considerably exceeds the typical values of present EEPROM technologies. The capability of Si implanted SiO2 films as gate dielectrics for a real non-volatile memory is demonstrated for the first time by a 256k - nvSRAM showing a programming window of larger than 1 volt.

Keywords: ion implantation; nanoclusters; non-volatile memory

  • Solid State Electronics 46 (2002) 1729-1737


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