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Group-IV Nanocluster Formation by Ion Beam Synthesis

Skorupa, W.; Rebohle, L.; Gebel, T.


A short review of our investigations devoted to the use of ion beam synthesized nanoclusters for silicon based light emission and nonvolatile memory effects is presented. Blue-violet light emission is demonstrated basing on Ge-implanted silicon dioxide layers thermally grown on silicon substrates. This version of silicon-based light emission relies on Ge-related defects in the amorphous -Si-O-Si- network. The photo (PL) - and electroluminescence (EL) is excited by a singlett S0-S1 transition of neutral oxygen vacancy and by electron injection from the silicon substrate into the silicon dioxide layer, respectively. Whereas the PL excitation is a well-known mechanism, for the case of electroluminescence an interpretation was performed for the first time in the course of our studies. It is found that the most probable way to excite luminescence centers is the impact excitation by hot electrons. Whereas the injection is explained by trap assisted tunneling of electrons from the substrate into the oxide, the electrons will be transported via traps or in the SiO2 conduction band. The application of the silicon-based light emitting devices for an optocoupler arrangement are described. Another application of nanoclusters is basing on the investigation of thin Si-implanted silicon dioxide layers for nonvolatile memory applications. First promising results demonstrated that the observed programming window can reach several volts and the devices exhibit excellent retention behavior. A 256k-nv-SRAM is demonstrated showing a programming window >1V for write pulses of 12V/8ms.

Keywords: ion implantation; ion beam synthesis; silicon dioxide; silicon; germanium; tin; charge trapping; photoluminescence; electroluminescence; integrated optocoupler; nonvolatile memory device

  • Applied Physics A Volume 76(2003)1049-1059


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