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Quadrupole moments of high-spin isomers: Test of the tilted-axis cranking model

Balabanski, D. L.; Vyvey, K.; Neyens, G.; Almehed, D.; Blaha, P.; Borremans, D.; Chmel, S.; Coulier, N.; Coussement, R.; de Clercq, W.; Frauendorf, S.; Georgiev, G.; Hubel, H.; Lepine-Szily, A.; Mineva, M.; Nenoff, N.; Pancholi, S.; Rossbach, D.; Schwengner, R.; Teughels, S.; Walker, P.


We report the results of recent measurements of the spectroscopic quadrupole moments of high-spin isomers. For the K-pi = 35/2(-) five-quasiparticle isomer in W-179 we measured Q(B) =4.00 ((+0.83)(-1.06)) eb. It corresponds to a smaller deformation compaxed to the ground states of the W isotopes and is in disagreement with the current theoretical predictions. We also measuredthe quadrupole moment of the I-pi = 11(-) isomer in Pb-196, Q(s) = (-)3.41(66) eb. It has the same proton (s(1/2)(-2)h(9)/(2)i(13/2)) configuration as the one suggested for the 11 = 16(-) magneticbandhead which allows to deduce the quadrupole moment of the 16(-) state as Q(s) = -0.316(97) eb. This small value proves the near sphericity of the bandhead.

  • Acta Physica Polonica B 32 (2001) 2655


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