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Prevention of Water Hammer and Cavitational Hammer in Pipeline Systems

Dudlik, A.; Schönfeld, S. B. H.; Schlüter, S.; Fahlenkamp, H.; Prasser, H.-M.


Damages in pipeline systems are often ascribed to water hammer and cavitational hammer. The resulting leakage can cause considerable damages to mankind and environment. To control these pressure surges, Fraunhofer UMSICHT and Forschungszentrum Rossendorf have conducted experiments whose results are used to develop new methods for the prevention of water hammer and cavitational hammer. The fast-acting valve is equipped with an innovative hydraulic braking system ("ABS-Armatur") and is combined with a check valve to suppress the water hammer. Since the described system does not need any additional energy source and adapts automatically to changes of the pipe system parameters, it is also regarded as particularily suitable for already existing plants.

Keywords: water hammer; cavitation; pipelines; fast-acting valves; emergency sut-down

  • Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2 (2002) Sept., pp. 888-890.