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Application of gamma tomography to the measurement of fluid distributions in a hydrodynamic coupling

Hampel, U.; Hoppe, D.; Diele, K.-H.; Fietz, J.; Höller, H.; Kernchen, R.; Prasser, H.-M.; Zippe, C.


Gamma tomography has been used to investigate the fluid distribution within multiple axial planes of a hydrodynamic test coupling under operating conditions. The tomographic data was obtained by phase correlated averaging of projections from the homogeneously rotating parts of the coupling. By application of the filtered backprojection reconstruction technique to the data we reconstructed average fluid fraction distributions in the transversal planes at different operating points of the coupling.

Keywords: gamma tomography; hydrodynamic coupling; two-phase flow measurement

  • Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 16(2005), 85-90