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A study of non-symmetric air water flow using wire-mesh sensor

Wangjiraniran, W.; Aritomi, M.; Kikura, H.; Motegi, Y.; Prasser, H.-M.


This study investigates the characteristics of upward air-water flow for non-symmetric initial condition in the 50 mm vertical tube. Wire Mesh Sensor is utilized to obtain the local properties of the gas phase i.e. void fraction, gas velocity and bubble size. To generate the non-symmetric initial flow condition, air is supplied from a single injecting hole and mixed into the liquid flow inside the pipe through a narrow-ring shaped exit. In this case, large bubble can be generated at the inlet. In this experiment, the characteristics of bubble formation at the inlet and flow evolution along the pipe are emphasized. The results show the capability of the measurement technique to analyze the non-symmetric distribution of the gas phase. The effects of superficial gas and liquid velocity on the bubble distributions and on the local void fraction spreading at the inlet are clarified. The flow evolution dominated by bubble coalescence and break up is discussed in term of the development of Sauter mean diameter over the cross- section of the pipe. The results also show an inconsistency with uniform flow conditions at low gas flux. Hence, the effect of phase distribution spreading is proposed. In addition, the development of rising gas velocity in term of mean bubble size during coalescence and break up is revealed.

Keywords: gas-liquid flows; non-symmetric flows; wire mesh sensor; flow evolution; bubble rising velocity

  • Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 29(2005)3, 315-322