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Kaon and pion emission in asymmetric C+Au and Au+C collisions at 1.0A GeV and 1.8A GeV

Schmah, A.; Lang, S.; Böttcher, I.; Dohrmann, F.; Förster, A.; Grosse, E.; Koczoñ, P.; Kohlmeyer, B.; Laue, F.; Menzel, M.; Naumann, L.; Oeschler, H.; Scheinast, W.; Schuck, T.; Schwab, E.; Senger, P.; Shin, Y.; Ströbele, H.; Sturm, C.; Surówska, G.; Uhlig, F.; Wagner, A.; Walu, W.


The emission of K+ and ± mesons has been studied in the asymmetric collision system Au+C and in the inverse reaction C+Au at 1.0A GeV (and at 1.8A GeV for C+Au only) in order to extract the effective source rapidities based on their distribution in the pt-y plane. The extracted source rapidity of K+ mesons is about ys/ybeam=0.25 at both incident energies [y(Au)=0,y(C)=ybeam]. This corresponds to a reaction volume consisting of the C nucleus and a tube cut out of the Au nucleus. In clear contrast, the source rapidities of ± mesons vary from ys/ybeam=0.5 in peripheral collisions (corresponding to NN interactions) to about ys/ybeam<0.33 in central reactions. The multiplicities of K+ and are compared to symmetric collision systems and, together with detailed transport model calculations, are used to study the sensitivity to the nuclear equation of state.

  • Physical Review C 71(2005), 064907


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