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The new bremsstrahlung facility at the superconducting electron accelerator ELBE

Wagner, A.; Beyer, R.; Erhard, M.; Dönau, F.; Grosse, E.; Hartmann, A.; Junghans, A.; Käubler, L.; Kosev, K.; Mallion, S.; Nair, C.; Nankov, N.; Rusev, G.; Schilling, K. D.; Schulze, W.; Schwengner, R.


A new facility for the production of polarised bremsstrahlung has been built at the superconducting electron accelerator ELBE of the Forschungszentrum Rossendorf. The bremsstrahlung facility and the detector setup are designed such that the background radiation due to scattering of photons and production of neutrons is minimised allowing for experiments close to and above particle separation energies in nuclei.
First results of photon-scattering and photo-dissociation experiments on {92,98,100}Mo are presented.
The results are compared to recent cross-section calculations for astrophysical networks.

Keywords: polarised; bremsstrahlung; superconducting; electron accelerator; ELBE; nuclear astrophysics; Mo100; Mo98; Mo92; photo-dissociation; photon-scattering

  • Journal of Physics G - Nuclear and Particle Physics 31(2005), S1969


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