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Pygmy dipole strength close to particle-separation energies - the case of the Mo isotopes

Rusev, G.; Grosse, E.; Erhard, M.; Junghans, A. R.; Kosev, K.; Schilling, K. D.; Schwengner, R.; Wagner, A.


The distribution of electromagnetic dipole strength in {92, 98, 100}Mo has been investigated by photon scattering using bremsstrahlung from the new ELBE facility. The experimental data for well separated nuclear resonances indicate a transition from a regular to a chaotic behaviour above 4 MeV of excitation energy. As the strength distributions follow a Porter-Thomas distribution much of the dipole strength is found in weak and in unresolved resonances appearing as fluctuating cross section. An analysis of this quasi-continuum - here applied to nuclear resonance fluorescence in a novel way - delivers dipole strength functions, which are combining smoothly to those obtained from (gamma, n)-data. Enhancements at 6.5 MeV and at ca. 9 MeV are linked to the pygmy dipole resonances postulated to occur in heavy nuclei.


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