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Status of the 31/2 cell SRF gun project in Rossendorf

Xiang, R.; Büttig, H.; Evtushenko, P.; Janssen, D.; Lehnert, U.; Michel, P.; Schneider, C.; Schurig, R.; Teichert, J.; Möller, K.; Lehmann, W.-D.; Stephan, J.; Kamps, T.; Lipka, D.; Will, I.; Volkov, V.


In the paper, we report on the status and progress of the superconducting RF gun project in Rossendorf. The gun is designed for cw operation mode with 1 mA current and 9.5 MeV electron energy, and it will be installed at the ELBE superconducting electron linear accelerator. The gun will have a 3½ cell niobium cavity operating at 1.3 GHz. The cavity consists of three cells with TESLA geometry and a specially designed half-cell in which the photocathode will be placed. The production of two Nb cavities, with RRR 300 and 40 respectively, has be finished at the beginning of 2005. After delivery, the RF tests will be performed and the preparation of the cavities will be started. At the same time, the design of the cryostat and the fabrication of its components are already finished. Further activities are the design of the diagnostic beam line, the testing of the new photocathode preparation system, and the upgrade of the 262 nm driver laser system.

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  • SRF Gun
  • Poster
    Particle Accelerator Conference 2005, 16.-20.05.2005, Knoxville, TN, USA
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Particle Accelerator Conference 2005, 16.-20.05.2005, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
    Proceedings of 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference, 1081-1083



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