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Possible consideration of METCOR experimental results in FE models for IVR

Altstadt, E.; Willschuetz, H.-G.


At the Institute of Safety Research of the FZR a finite element model has been developed simulating the thermal processes and the viscoplastic behaviour of the vessel wall. An advanced model for creep and material damage has been established and has been validated using experimental data. The thermal hydraulic and the mechanical calculations are sequentially and recursively coupled. The model is capable of evaluating fracture time and fracture position of a vessel with an internally heated melt pool.
At the Alexandrov Research Institute of Technology in Sosnovy Bor (Russia), the thermo-chemical interaction between molten corium and RPV steel is experimentally investigated. The work is done in the frame of the ISTC project METCOR. The experiments show that the ablation of the steel occurs at interface temperatures below the steel melting temperature. The ablation rate significantly depends on the chemical compostion of the corium melt.
The presentation shows a concept for using the METCOR data within the finite element model of the FZR.

Keywords: In-vessel retention; finite element analysis; corium-steel interaction; METCOR; Nuclear rectors; Severe accident management

  • Lecture (others)
    6th METCOR Project Meeting, 12.07.2005, Sankt Petersburg, Russia


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