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Experimental study on bubble motion in a rectangular bubble column using high-speed video observations

Zaruba, A.; Krepper, E.; Prasser, H.-M.; Reddy Vanga, B. N.


A two-phase flow in a rectangular bubble column of 100×20 mm cross-section and 1.5 mm height was studied using a high-speed video system. Series of images were taken at different elevations at a frequency of 500 Hz. The images were processed using a bubble recognition algorithm. In such a way, an individual bubble in the gas swarm could be tracked. The time-averaged velocity profiles and the turbulent diffusion coefficients were derived as a function of the superficial gas velocity. The lateral displacement of bubbles travelling over a certain vertical distance was transformed into a probability density distribution in order to measure the turbulent diffusion coefficient of the gaseous phase. The shape of the distributions obtained was found to fit well to the Gaussian standard distribution. The dispersion coefficients were observed to grow proportionally to the square root of the vertical distance. The diffusion coefficients were calculated from the proportionality factor and were compared with some correlations published in the literature. The experiments were performed for superficial gas velocities ranging from 1 to 6 mm/s. The bubbles were generated either by a porous sparger or a set of capillaries placed at the bottom of the column. The measurements were taken at different heights between 1 and 1.2 m where the bubble cloud was occupying the entire cross-section.

Keywords: Bubble flow; Rectangular channel; Image processing; Bubble dispersion; Turbulent diffusion

  • Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 16(2005)5, 277-287


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