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β decay of 95Ag

Harissopulos, S.; Döring, J.; La Commara, M.; Schmidt, K.; Mazzocchi, C.; Borcea, R.; Galanopoulos, S.; Górska, M.; Grawe, H.; Hellström, M.; Janas, Z.; Kirchner, R.; Roeckl, E.; Johnstone, I. P.; Schwengner, R.; Skouras, L. D.


We studied the β-decay properties of the N=Z+1 nucleus 95Ag by measuring β-delayed γ-rays and β-γ-γ coincidences with a plastic scintillator as β-detector and a Ge-detector array. The 95Ag nuclei were produced by means of the 58Ni(40Ca,p2n) reaction and separated with the GSI online mass separator. The previously reported level scheme of the 95Pd daughter nucleus was extended considerably. The deduced level scheme is compared with different shell-model calculations with or without breaking the 100Sn core.

  • Physical Review C 72(2005)2, 4303