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Simulation of condensation in a sub-cooled bubbly steam-water flow along a large vertical pipe

Lucas, D.; Prasser, H.-M.


Detailed experimental data obtained at the TOPFLOW facility for steam-water vertical pipe flow were used to test the complex interaction of local bubble distributions, bubble size distributions and local heat and mass transfer. Steam is injected into sub-cooled water and condenses during the upwards flow. The model considers a large number of bubble classes (50). This allows the investigation of the influence of the bubble size distribution. The results of the simulations show a good agreement with the experimental data. The condensation process is clearly slower, if large bubbles are injected (4 mm holes). Also bubble break-up has a strong influence on the condensation process because of the change of the interfacial area. Some unsureness arises from the unknown interfacial area for large bubbles and possible uncertainties of the heat transfer coefficient.

Keywords: bubbly flow; phase transfer; bubble size distribution; vertical pipe

  • Open Access Logo Archives of Thermodynamics 26(2005)4, 49-59