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Writing implantation with a high current density focused ion beam

Bischoff, L.; Hesse, E.; Panknin, D.; Skorupa, W.; Teichert, J.


The Rossendorf Focused Ion Beam IMSA-100 was used for writing implantation of cobalt (E = 30 keV Co+ and 60 keV Co++; D = 0.5...5x1017 cm-2) at room temperature to form CoSi2 microstructures on silicon by ion beam synthesis. For that aim two types of Liquid Alloy Ion Sourses (LAIS) were developed. As implanted and annealed (600°C for 60 min and 1000°C for 30 min in N2 atmosphere) silicide structures were analysed by SEM, EDX and electrical measurments.