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Electroluminescence properties of the GD3+ ultraviolet luminescent centers in SiO2 gate oxide layers

Sun, J. M.; Prucnal, S.; Skorupa, W.; Dekorsy, T.; Muecklich, A.; Helm, M.; Rebohle, L.; Gebel, T.


Electroluminescence (EL9) properties in the ultraviolet (UV) range were studied on Gd-implanted indium tin oxide/SiO2 :Gd/ Si metal-oxide-semiconductor light emitting devices. The efficient UV line at 316 nm from Gd3+ centers shows a maximum power density of 2 mW/cm2 and a quantum efficiency above 5%. The Gd3+ luminescent center has an excitation cross section above 7.4 x10−15 cm2 with an EL decay time around 1.6 ms at a Gd concentration of 3%. A decrease of the
EL efficiency is observed by a cross relaxation at a high Gd concentration and by clustering of Gd atoms at an annealing temperature of 1000 °C. A strong quenching of the UV EL due to electron trapping around optically active Gd3+ centers is observed during the injection of hot electrons.

  • Journal of Applied Physics 99(2006), 103102