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Wavelength-selective enhancement of the intensity of visible photoluminescence in hydrogen-ion-implanted silicon-on-insulator structures annealed under high pressure

Tyschenko, I. E.; Zhuravlev, K. S.; Cherkov, A. G.; Popov, V. P.; Misiuk, A.; Yankov, R. A.


Characteristic features of the visible photoluminescence (PL) spectra were studied in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers following high-dose (3×1017 cm–2) ion implantation of hydrogen and annealing at high hydrostatic pressures. The PL behavior of the SOI material was compared with that of hydrogen-implanted bulk Si. Annealing at a pressure above 6 kbars produced a wavelength-selective increase (~37 times) in the intensity of the visible PL from the implanted SOI structures. The results are explained in terms of the effect of an optical resonant cavity formed between the air/SOI and the Si/SiO2 interfaces as a result of the high-pressure annealing.

  • Applied Physics Letters 89(2006), 013106 Jul 3 2006


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