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Magnetic quantum oscillations in the normal and superconducting state of YNi2B2C

Ignatchik, O.; Wosnitza, J.; Jäckel, M.; Souptel, D.; Behr, G.; Canfield, P.


The de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) effect, or quantum oscillations of the magnetization, is the most direct method to study Fermi-surface properties in metals.It is remarkable, that these magnetic quantum oscillations persist deep into the vortex state of many type-II superconductors. The damping of the oscillation amplitude below the upper critical field can be related to the magnitude of the superconducting gap. For YNi2B2C, however, quite controversial results for the dHvA signal in the superconducting state have been reported. We will present dHvA measurements of YNi2B2C single crystals prepared by different methods. The flux-grown crystals exhibit dHvA oscillation in the superconducting state down to 3 T as reported in literature. However, we observed an unexpectedly sudden vanishing of the dHvA signal in the mixed state for crystals grown by a zone-melting method. The very quick disapppearance of the oscillating signal below B c2 suggests an unexpected fast opening of a large superconducting gap. At high magnetic fields six different dHvA frequencies could be detected.

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    Frühjahrstagung Berlin, 03.-09.03.2005, Berlin, Deutschland


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