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Application of adjoint monte carlo to accelerate simulations of mono-directional beams in radiotherapy treatment planning

Nievaart, V. A.; Legrady, D.; Moss, R. L.; Kloosterman, J. L.; van der Hagen, T. H. J. J.; van Dam, H.


Boron Neutron Capture Therapy is a well recognised cancer therapy applied usually for spread brain tumors. The alpha particles emitted at neutron capture in Boron will bring localised and excessive damage to surrounding cells while special medicaments are reponsible to achive higher Boron concentration in tumor than in healthy tissue. This article discusses a method to calculate treatment planning for BNCT using adjoint Monte Carlo. The proposed method aims at resolving a problematic issue of obtaining nonzero estimates for a monodirectional beam as sampled adjoint pseudoparticles would hardly coincide with a single preferred direction. The method descibed in this paper uses Legendre expansion to utilise adjoint scores at the beam exit not paralel with the beam tube to interpolate to the direction of paralel direction.

Keywords: adjoint; Monte Carlo; mono-directional; treatment planning

  • Medical Physics 34(2007)4, 1321-1335


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