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Magnetic-field- and temperature-dependent Fermi surface of CeBiPt

Wosnitza, J.; Goll, G.; Bianchi, A. D.; Bergk, B.; Kozlova, N.; Opahle, I.; Elgazzar, S.; Richter, M.; Stockert, O.; von Löhneysen, H.; Yoshino, T.; Takabatake, T.


Abstract. The half-Heusler compounds CeBiPt and LaBiPt are semimetals with very low charge-carrier concentrations as evidenced by Shubnikov–de Haas (SdH) and Hall-effect measurements. Neutron-scattering results reveal a simple antiferromagnetic structure in CeBiPt below TN = 1.15K. The band structure of CeBiPt sensitively depends on temperature, magnetic field and stoichiometry. Above a certain, sample-dependent, threshold field (B > 25 T), the SdH signal disappears and the Hall coefficient reduces significantly. These effects are absent in the non-4f compound LaBiPt. Electronic-band-structure calculations can well explain the observed behaviour by a 4f-polarization-induced Fermi-surface modification.

  • Open Access Logo New Journal of Physics 8(2006), 174


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