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Electronic band structure of the borocarbide superconductor LuNi2B2C

Bianchi, A. D.; Bergk, B.; Ignatchik, O.; Wosnitza, J.; Perenboom, J.; Souptel, D.; Behr, G.; Canfield, P. C.


We present de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) measurements of the nonmagnetic rare-earth borocarbide superconductor LuNi2B2C which have been performed by using a torque cantilever for temperatures down to 0.03 K and in magnetic fields up to 33 T. We mapped the dHvA oscillations of a high-quality single crystal by rotating between all the three principal crystallographic axes [100], [001], and [110] in steps of 10 degrees. This set of data gives a complete overview of the electronic band structure of LuNi2B2C. A comparison with band structure calculations allowed us to assign the dHvA frequencies to individual bands. Overall positions and band dispersions look similar to that observed in the isostructural compound YNi2B2C, which is another non-magnetic member in the family of the borocarbide superconductors. Additionally, we also measured the temperature dependence of the amplitude of the dHvA oscillations for the three principal crystallographic directions which allows the determination of the effective mass of the different bands.

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    Yamada Conference LX on Research in High Magnetic Fields (RHMF), 16.-19.08.2006, Sendai, Japan


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